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At Thermeco, we are proud to offer you
a full range of water treatment services to meet your specific needs. Our goal is to guarantee a better quality of drinking water, while offering you optimal customer satisfaction.
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Installation and commissioning
Repair and maintenance
Listen client

Our sales department is to understand the specific needs of our customers and help them find the best solution adapted to their situation. We attach great importance to the satisfaction of our customers. To facilitate the complaint process, we have made available a dedicated blue number for this purpose. Page with an image Image description

Installation and commissioning

At ThermEco, we are aware of the importance of correct installation and start-up to ensure the performance and durability of your equipment, which is why we pay attention to detail and make sure everything is done correctly. installed and configured before starting up your equipment. We also provide clear instructions on the use and maintenance of your equipment to maximize its lifespan and ensure that it functions properly.

Repair and maintenance

Our after-sales service ensures the fast and efficient management of complaints to minimize the downtime of your equipment and guarantee your satisfaction and ensure optimal performance and extend the life of your installations. Our team is always ready to meet your needs and provide you with superior service.